• Setting Screws

    Giant steel screws are set by a machine powered screw driver. They can be seen as far as the eye can see and will soon hold up racks of solar panels over about 300 acres of land near Pinewood. This photo was taken last Thursday in one of the three adjacent solar farm fields.

    Setting Screws
  • Baby Steps

    Kids from the Best Start Hub participated in the Northwestern Health Unit's "Do One Thing" flash picnic on Friday on the lawn at the Rainy River Railroad Station. Seen here, Brianna Blakeney, 2, and Laine Fairfield, left, navigate through some stepping stones. Do One Thing, encourages people to do one healthy activity or eat healthier. To see all the photos in the Record in colour click here...

    Baby Steps
  • Just in time for the Fair!

    Rainy River Librarian Michael Dawber shows off some of the library’s new children’s books on farming and rural life. The books were supported by $150 donations from both the Rainy River Valley Agricultural Society and the Rainy River Federation of Agriculture. The titles are now on display at the library in time for the Annual Fall Fair, which runs August 14-16.

    Just in time for the Fair!
  • Men's Champ!

    Brayden Delvecchio, left, receives Men's Championship trophy for the second year in a row from tournament organizer Donny Tolen. To see all the photos in colour from this week's Record click here.

    Men's Champ!
  • Badly damaged

    Rainy River Town Councillor Gord Armstrong took the Record on a tour of the badly damaged Government Dock at Hannam Park last week. Debris, such as the log he is pointing to, is lodged into the dock and the decking is lifted in many places. Efforts to clean up the park by volunteers began last week. It, like the dock, were left a mess by floodwaters in June. To see all this week's photos click on link at right of this page.

    Badly damaged
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