• Medalists

    Four Rainy River High School Owls returned from NORWOSSA badminton competitions with medals last Wednesday. From l. to r., Hayley Arpin, Skylar Arpin, Braydon Kreger and Kendra Moen.

  • Award winning entertainer

    Canadian Award Winning Rythym and Blues performer Flo is seen here singing her famous song “Hateless” with kids from RRHS and LOW school at We Day last Friday.

    Award winning entertainer
  • Team building

    These students learned to work as a team to better foster communication skills and teach that together a lot can get accomplished. They had to use items on a mat to get to another mat without any of their bodies touching the floor. From l. to r., Jacob Gill, Eva Lemmon, Evan Govier, Anthony Venables, Keira Govier, Sarina Godin and Tamara Trenchard.

    Team building
  • Pink ink!

    Mason Kreger, left, and Nicholas Tiboni, participate in one of many workshops at Riverview's Pink Day last Wednesday. The day focused on combatting bullying. This workshop had each student write a small composition.

    Pink ink!
  • Buddy reading

    Team building and combatting bullying was prevalent at Riverview School's Day of Pink last Wednesday. Reece Chorney, left, and Seth Mason are seen in the buddy reading workshop.

    Buddy reading
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