Hens and chicks in the garden


By Melanie Mathieson
Gardening Guru

We should consider taking more than 25,000 refugees

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Canada will take in 25,000 refugees in the next five weeks. Canada is choosing to welcome women, children and families. Single men need not apply.

Volunteers needed to knit

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Submitted by
Carolee Hogue

Add interest to your garden with weeping trees/shrubs


By Melanie Mathieson
Gardening Guru

Legion Chat: We shall remember them

By Walter Wagner

Cow-calf producers have tough decisions


By Gary Sliworsky

Library Corner: The most borrowed items at the library are....

By Michael Dawber
Rainy River – Have a look at the most-borrowed items at the Rainy River Public Library in the last 12 months:

House plants for challenging growing conditions


By Melanie Mathieson
Gardening Guru

"Sunny Times" Trudeau

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What a difference one week can make in a country. A new government is being formed. A new prime minister is assuming the role of leader of Canada.

Stratton students cast their ballot

By Nicole Robinson
The week of October 13th-17th saw 4 Junior/Intermediate Students of Our Lady of the Way head to Crossroads School to participate in the Cross Country Run.

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