Optimizing your pasture performance: Pt. 2


By Gary Sliworsky

Following is part 2 of an article by Jack Kyle, Grazier Specialist, OMAF / MRA on steps you can take to optimize pasture performance on your farm.

The sweet smell of composting


Composting is a fairly easy process.

A one hour trip to the US will count as a day

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About two weeks ago I wrote a column on a new information sharing initiative between Canada and the United States, the ‘Entry/Exit Initiative of the Perimeter Security and Economic Competitiveness A

Struck by mean spiritedness

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The provincial election will be held on June 12. Already the advance polls are open and the voting is underway.

Hospital Auxiliary is 49 members strong!

By Carolee Hogue
RR Hosp. Aux.

President Joyce opened the meeting with our Auxiliary Prayer.

Legion Chat: Bursary applications trickling in

By Walter Wagner

Library Corner: Cloud nine service on the way!

By Michael Dawber

The Rainy River Public Library is taking it to the Cloud!
On June 17, 2014, the library will be moving to a new computer system called Apollo...

Optimizing your pasture performance


By Gary Sliworsky

The differences between Annuals and Perrenials


By Melanie Mathieson
Gardening Guru

We need to stop cyberbulling

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Are you horrified by and want to end the systematic abuse of our children through cyberbullying? Me too. Do you value personal privacy for you and your family? Me too.

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