More tricks than treats

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This past week, Halloween week no less, the Conservatives tabled a new monster 479-page omnibus budget bill.

Owls' Ongoings: It was a great 'Spirit Week' at RRHS

By Taylor Armstrong
RRHS Co-President
This week started off with a White Pine Book Club. Abbie Pearson said “We had a snack and discussed the books we are reading.”

We need control of our forest, not Resolute Forest Products

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Three different brides have been stood up at the alter. Three times the partner the bride was looking at working with has bolted out the door.

Let us remember them as heroes

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I write this week’s column with great sadness. Our country has suffered a tragedy and a great loss.

How much freedom should we relinquish following attacks

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How much freedom should we relinquish following the two attacks on soldiers in Montreal and Ottawa this past week.

Our portable devices are becoming entertainment hubs

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I am constantly aware of how dependent we have become on electronic gadgets. My wife complains that I really can’t give up my cell phone.

Traveling to Big Sky Country

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I have been travelling the last six days, firstly across the northern US states of North Dakota and Montana along highway 2 to Shelby and then back east on the Trans Canada.

Trying to fix Question Period

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This week in Ottawa New Democrats tried to fix Question Period but were prevented from doing so by the Conservatives, and the Ebola outbreak in West Africa gathered more media attention with the first

Give thanks for democracy

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The leaves are falling from the trees around my home. Already one maple is bare and half the golden leaves from the birch trees now sit upon the grass.

Watch for problems with excess nitrates this fall


By Gary Sliworsky
With the weather conditions we had this year we may have to watch for problems with nitrates this fall.

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