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Letters to The Editor

Letter to the Editor

I would just like to say, to the town employees who have looked after the flower baskets on Atwood Ave, “what a terrific job!” We were in numerous different towns this summer, big and little, and none came even close to being as beautiful as Rainy River’s. Certainly something to be proud of and I think they are still getting better!!!

Bea Neilson

Thanks for helping make the boat races a success!

Letter to the Editor,

Really appreciated everyone involved

Attention Mayor and Council of Rainy River,

Arbitration needed

Editor's Note: This is an open letter to the Ontario Secondary School Teacher's Federation.

Dear OSSTF leaders,

You failed to mention us in your story

Letter to the editor,
In regards to the Rainy River Relay for Life Cancelled article printed in this weeks paper:

Cyberbullying is not necessary

Dear Editor,
I believe that students should be suspended from schools for cyberbullying for the following reasons.

Cyberbullies should be suspended

Dear Editor,
Have you ever been bullied online?
Cyberbullying is the worst thing ever. I believe that students should be suspended for cyberbullying because it is down right mean.

Town needs to work on its appearance

Letter to the Editor,

Mayor Ewald reports 2015 was a very productive year for Rainy River (Mayor reflects on busy 2015 and forward to 2016, RRR Jan. 12, 2016).

Ojibwe classes could benefit all students

Letter to the Editor:

School should have an Ojibwe class

Letter to the Editor:
I am upset that our school does not offer an Ojibwe class. There are more than enough aboriginal students in the school to attend this class if there was one.


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