Letters to The Editor

Stratton hasn't faded away

Letter to the Editor,

Beware of scam

Dear Editor,
Could you please let people know about this scam and that we DO NOT DO cold calls asking for donations.
Thank you
Rebecca Tolen
RR KidSport

Good Morning all,

You produce a great newspaper!

Letter to the editor,
Greetings to all of you hard-working Rainy River Record Staff!
Enclosed is a change of address for my mother Jessie Martinson.

Thanks for the good laugh!

Letter to the Editor,
I have not read the Rainy River Record in ages but I am glad I did this week.

Concerned about busing policies

Dear Editor,

Thanks for caring!

Dear Editor,

Cupcake angels among us!

Dear Editor,
I wanted to share with the people of Rainy River what some of our children from Riverview School are spending their summer holidays doing?

High business taxes are a problem in Rainy River

Letter to the editor,
I’d like to respond to Ken’s Korner in the April 27, 2010 edition about our historic economic development track record in Rainy River.

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