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Letters to The Editor

My thoughts on the latest NHL lockout

Letter to the Editor:

Comforting to know we can count on others

Dear Editor:

Keep fighting polio

Letter to the editor,
Humanity is about to eradicate polio after three decades of continuous efforts to immunize the children of the world.

We would like to dispell the rumors about our shop

Letter to the Editor:

Another race is in the history books!

Letter to the Editor,
The 10th running of the Great Beaver Cardboard/ Duct Tape Boat Races is in the history books.

Rainy River is such a great place!

Letter to the Editor,
When you visit a place like Rainy River you really appreciate how wonderful it is to grow up in a small town with a sense of pride, history and hospitality.

Join me in welcoming Dr. Ennett to RR

Dear Editor,

Keep gossip off the front page

Dear Editor,

Concerned about possible school board amalgamations

Letter to the Editor,

When will Rainy River Hotel be torn down

Letter to Editor:
Some time ago in the Rainy River Record there was a headline that the Town of Rainy River was going to tear down the Rainy River Hotel, just as soon as the half loading was off.


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