Letters to The Editor

New organization takes over event

Letter to the Editor,

Annoyed by campaign callers

Letter to the Editor,

Some facts on fire and rescue personnel and government

Letter to the Editor,
May 2, 2011 is the date to vote; I do encourage everyone to exercise his or her right and vote!
Unfortunately—many Canadians will not vote—many of us don’t care!

Anyone heard of Robert Woodburn?

Letter to the Editor,
I am currently researching my family tree.

Former RR woman spearheading Quebec town for Hockeyville title

Editor's Note: Rainy River put in a bid to be Hockeyville this year but did not make the top 10.

Letter to the editor,

Concerned over bus policy

Dear Editor,

Here's a tip on how to open those pill bottles

Letter to the Editor:
To the older folks that are taking medication of some sort in plastic bottles with a small tab on the side to open.

Where is the Veterans' Charter you promised

Letter to the Editor
Where is the legislation?

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