Letters to The Editor

As a newcomer I am looking for services

Letter to the editor,
I am one of many newcomers to the Rainy River area and since being here I have met many other newcomers.

Water rates are too high in Rainy River

Letter to the Editor,

Kudos to the organizers

To The Editor
This past weekend, Rainy River once again showed why it was such a great place to live. Why? Because of the people who come out to volunteer and support their community.

We regret we can not return to RR

Letter to the Editor,
It is with great sadness and regret that my husband and I have decided not to return to Rainy River in October.

Buyer beware!

Dear Editor,
I have received phone calls regarding the June 19th presentation at the Fort Frances regarding a Hypnotist coming to Fort Frances.

Thank you to our troops!

Dear Editor,

Way to go citizens

Letter to the Editor,

Enough is enough

Letter to the Editor,
In response to last week’s letter I would just like to say that nobody missed the point that the girls were trying to make in the previous letter to the editor.

In response to the Mayor's letter

Letter to the Editor,

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