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Letters to The Editor

Upset with hunters

Letter to the Editor:

Ignoring the evidence

Dear Editor,

Looking for information on my scandalous grandfather

Letter to the Editor,

Riverside Board not cooperative

Dear Editor:

Walleye tournament should become bass tourney for the sake of the fish

Letter to Editor:
The winner of the 2011 Rainy River Walleye Tournament for the fourth time was Jason and Oliver Gibbins.

Our children are not animals and should not be treated as such

Letter to the Editor:
Attn: Parents of Students at River view Elementary.
I am a parent of a four year old student in Senior Kindergarten at Riverview.

As a newcomer I am looking for services

Letter to the editor,
I am one of many newcomers to the Rainy River area and since being here I have met many other newcomers.

Water rates are too high in Rainy River

Letter to the Editor,

Kudos to the organizers

To The Editor
This past weekend, Rainy River once again showed why it was such a great place to live. Why? Because of the people who come out to volunteer and support their community.

Anderson speaks about his resignation from council

Dear Editor,


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