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RRCA elects new board of directors

By Ken Johnston

The Rainy River Cattlemen’s Association (RRCA) held elections at their Annual General Meeting in Stratton Thursday, but not before passing a constitutional amendment.
Prior to Thursday’s AGM directors on the RRCA executive could only serve two consecutive terms or four years in a row. Then they would have to take a year off. The amendment eliminated the time off clause in the event not enough directors could be found to fill vacancies.
Outgoing President Murray McDonald fit this shoe. Under the old system he would not be able to run again and as it was Thursday there were vacancies that were not filled from the floor. He was re-elected to another two year term.
Zone A:
Keith Caul has one year remaining in his term.
He will be joined by Joe Sletmoen and Micha Gerber who were acclaimed.
Zone B:
Al Teeple has one year remaining in his term.
He will be joined by Clayton Teeple and Mark Husser who were acclaimed.
Zone C:
Scott McNabb has one year remaining in his term.
He will be joined by Bud McQuaker and Murray McDonald who were acclaimed.
Zone D:
Corrie Govier and Delton Martin both have one year left in their terms.
Beef Farmers of Ontario Advisory:
Kim Jo Bliss was acclaimed with Delton Martin named as her alternate.
Ontario Federation of Agriculture delegates:
Bryan Kelley and Ray Chartier were acclaimed.
RR Vet Committee
The only contested seat of the elections this year was for the Vet Committee At Large rep. for incoroporated townships. Jeff Pollard and Tom Morrish were voted on with Morrish coming out on top.
Kim Jo Bliss was acclaimed to the unincorporated Vet Committee position.