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Propane shortages said to be short term

Editor's Note: A propane shortage has prompted prices to spike. Some reports put the price per gallon near $5 up from under $3/gal a year ago.

News Release
Canadian Propane Assoc.

Due to early and sustained colder-than-normal winter temperatures coupled with transportation-related issues, including poor road conditions, some propane retailers in parts of Ontario and Quebec are experiencing delays in having their supply replenished. This is causing delivery disruptions.
This is not, however, reflective of a propane shortage in Canada, and these conditions are not affecting all retailers in Ontario and Quebec. Propane retailers in the region are leveraging their logistical infrastructure and processes to manage these challenges and safely deliver propane to customers.
At this time, the Canadian Propane Association (CPA) recognizes that this is an isolated situation and does not affect the industry as a whole. Propane retailers are working very hard to ensure that propane is available to all customers, and the CPA continues to monitor events closely.
These disruptions are expected to be short-term and are expected to ease in the short-term.
In the meantime, here are some energy conservation tips to consider:
*Turn down the thermostat. Manually, or using a programmable thermostat, lower the temperature a few degrees while you are at home and lower when you are sleeping or away.
*Reduce hot water consumption. Lower the temperature setting on your water heater. Consider showers instead of baths, and use cold water for laundry.
*Reduce drafts. Install caulking and weather-stripping around windows, doors and other openings such as ducts, fans and vents.
*Keep curtains and blinds open to receive sunlight during the day, and close them at night.
*Reduce the use of fireplaces if they are only used for secondary heat or atmosphere.
*Hang clothes on a rack to dry rather than using your propane clothes dryer.
The propane industry will continue to make every effort to provide reliable service to its valued customers, and the Canadian Propane Association encourages customers to contact their propane supplier directly with any questions. Affected retailers may prioritize deliveries based on urgency.

The Canadian Propane Association does not sell propane and is not in a position to comment on individual business’s operations. A list of Canadian Propane Association retail members is available on the CPA website at