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To all Rainy River Record Subscribers and Faithful Readers

It is the end of an era.  After almost 100 years the Rainy River Record will cease publication following the printing and distribution of the Sept. 27 edition. The Record office will remain open through to the end of November.  The paper, over the past several years, has been unprofitable.  It was hoped that a change in the prosperity of the west end of the Rainy River District would return it to profitability.

Two of our major advertisers, the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario, have chosen to shun newspaper advertising in favor of buying advertisements on US social media such as Google and Yahoo.  It is a blow to all newspapers in both Ontario and across Canada.

Ken Johnston, the editor, is moving to Bemidji to live with his new wife. We wish the couple a well and happy life. Anne Mailloux will continue to man the office for the next while.   We extend our best wishes to Dawn Drennan, whose friendly face would be found at the Record.

We remember Linda Johnston who was part of our staff for so many years, and played an active role in the life of Rainy River.

In making the decision to close the paper, the Fort Frances Times will pick up all the current subscribers to the Rainy River Record.  Customers having both Rainy River Record and Fort Frances Times subscriptions will have the two subscriptions added together and the subscription extended in time.

Just as subscribers picked up their paper at the post office, they will continue to be able to pick up their copy of the Fort Frances Times, carrying Rainy River and district news at the same location.

 Those persons who pick up their paper at various outlets throughout Rainy River will be able to purchase their papers mid Wednesday afternoon.

The Fort Frances Times is currently looking for a person or persons who would like to write news articles about Rainy River and the west end of the Rainy River District.

 Jim Cumming.