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Higher dollar can be a good thing

Will the Canadian dollar be worth more than it’s US counterpart in the near future?
Economists are predicting that it will in fact be at par with it within the next few months and some are even predicting it will be worth as much as $1.05 by year’s end.

NWO could be a "have" province

Howard Hampton made some really good points last week while meeting with our chamber of commerce and town council, stopping just short of suggesting Northwestern Ontario become its own province.
On electricity he clearly pointed out that we are getting screwed by Southern Ontario. We produce some of the cheapest power world right here in NWO, but yet pay some of the highest per kilowatt hour rates. Why is that?

Bigger break needed for businesses

Last week Rainy River Town Council announced that local businesses will receive a bit of a break on their taxes.
They will be lowering them to comparable levels of our neighbour, Emo.
All this in order to help them out in these tough times where the economic future of the community and the region for that matter are definitely uncertain, to say the least.

Lend your voice to democracy

Recently the Ontario Legislature passed Bill 130 which made sweeping changes to the way municipalities operate by giving them new powers and responsibilities. It also gave the citizens of Ontario a power they’ve never had before; a method to challenge the legality of a closed-door council meeting.

Do they know we are here?

Does the government really know that we are here?
Again the Town of Rainy River has been rejected for COMRIF money. That money is badly needed for us to fix our overtaxed sewer system.
Before that can move forward towards a positive and prosperous future we need to fix the system. But our requests for help seem to have fallen on deaf ears.

A work in progress

A change is as good as new or so they say!
This past week a process that was suppose to evolve over the next month suddenly was thrust upon the Record.
Our new website was in the works for a while now and suddenly it had to go live, far from being ready for it.


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