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I had my first snow day in years!

It's been a long time since I had a snow day!
Back in grade school we always hoped for snow days. They would see the country kids stay home as the buses could not get to them safely.

Hooked on the Olympics

I am already hooked on the Olympics!
Last Thursday I heard about a pairs figure skater from Northwestern Ontario and later that day, at lunch time, I saw him skate!
I was hooked instantly!

Why are we sports fans?

Being a sports fan is hard.
At a very young age we learn that cheering for others is part of life.

Sunday was Housefly Day!

As I am sure many of you are aware this coming Sunday is Groundhog Day.
With this cold winter, I am sure many of you are placing hope that the hog will predict a shorter rather than longer winter.

You can see the site before you book it!

What do you use the internet for?
Until about five or six years ago when I wanted to book a campsite I picked up the phone and called a toll-free number or the park itself.

A wee and 100 degrees difference!

What a difference a week can make!
Last week at this time we were suffering through some of the coldest weather in nearly 20 years! Some places reported -60 F with the windchill factor!

Those darn "F" words!

No matter which way you say it, it is very cold as I write this.
Over the past few weeks we have had quite the blast of winter.

A high-tech Christmas

It was a high-tech Christmas in our household.
Most people I know like getting cool gadgets and everyone in my family who received one was no different.

25 years! Where has the time gone!

25 years ago this week I stepped off a plane from Windsor, Ont., where I was attending university, to begin my career here at the Record.

Well deserved kudos


That is the only way to describe the weather since late last week! Sub-zero temperatures have settled in and do not look like they are going anywhere soon!


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