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RR area is a tourist destination

Rainy River received some really great attention last week!
On Wednesday a trio of cyclists kicked-off their 12 day fund-raising drive for The Right To Play Foundation from Rainy River!

Sniffle, cough, sniffle...

Sniffle, sniffle. Cough Cough.
A month ago parents were busy out buying their kids, pens, pencils, notebooks, new clothes and shoes, all in the name of Back to School!

Journey of a lifetime!

Can you imagine building a homemade sailboat and then traveling in it down the Mississippi and across the Gulf of Mexico to Belize?

Self driving cars could solve problems

Cars that can drive themselves! It sounds far-fetched doesn't it?!? But that is exactly what is being developed right now and some predict they could be available for use in about four years!

Great to see so many "pay it forward"

"Pay it forward" is a phrase that has become quite popular the past few years.

Many warm wishes on her 94th!

Monday morning I spooled up the Record's email account and wondered how come there was so many hits on our facebook account.

Turned three shades of brown and green!

Have you ever found yourself in a compromising position that there is just no way out of?
Well I was in one of those Saturday afternoon.

A casual bird watcher

Are you a casual bird watcher like me?
For years I have enjoyed watching the birds at the feeders when I am at my fiancee's place in Bemidji.

The mad scramble!

Anyone who works in this industry knows that production day is always a hectic day.

A "Eureka" moment!

Have you ever had a sudden brilliant idea that you feel should be patented and could make you rich?


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