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Remembering the early Railroad Daze

I can't believe it was 26 years ago this weekend when the first Railroad Daze steamed into Rainy River!

Flashing back to our youth!

Over the weekend my fiancee and I were living the dream! For the first time in our 6.5 years together we had a weekend with no kids and no dogs!

Are we heading for a trade war with the US?

Could we be heading for war with the United States? A trade war that is?

Tick, tick, tick...

Tick, tick, tick...
No I am not listening to my wrist-watch, but rather referring to the scourge that seems to be everywhere this year.

Yardwork is a pain in the body!

Who knew yard work could be such a painful experience?
Over the weekend I was busy working in my yard. I had several chores on my list and managed to get through all but one of them.

Allergies are the price of Spring

Not long ago many of us were complaining about the long winter and wondering if spring would ever happen.

Mother Nature needs to be respected

After seeing what tornados did in Oklahoma last week we were a bit nervous about returning to our favourite place to camp this past weekend.

In awe at the coloured birds!

While it is a cool damp afternoon as I write this, I feel like all the ducks or should I say birds are in a row to mark the official start of spring!

In NOT on!

Over the weekend I found myself thinking of my mom, Norma-Jean Johnston.

How do needles in the haystack find each other?

How do two needles in a giant haystack find one another?
Saturday my fiancee and I experienced just that when her mom and step dad flew in from Belize.


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