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One last kick at summer weather

Looking at the thermometer this week one wouldn't know that summer is fast coming to an end.
Temperatures topping 30 C/90 F this week, one would think it is mid-July!

Five year old taught us how precious life is

On Sunday we were reminded how precious our lives are.
Kim and I and our daughter Veronica volunteered to help at a benefit for a little boy with brain cancer in Bemidji.

Rounding the corner to Fall

Saturday could very well have been our last 90+ degree day of 2015!
While so many people were complaining about the heat, I could not help but think it is all down hill from here!

Enjoying the salad season!

Are you enjoying the salad season?
It is the time of year where gardens are yielding so many goodies hardly a day goes by without us getting to eat fresh salads!

A long, long, long weekend...

It was a long, long, long weekend... without cell phone service!
Friday evening Rainy River residents lost cell and in some cases internet services from the Tbaytel tower.

Inspired by my brother-in-law

Have you ever met someone that instantly inspires you?
Last year at my grandma's 90th birthday party I met my sister's partner, Rob Fuller for the first time... or Henry as we called him!

Home is where the heart is

Have you ever been to a place where you feel like you are at home, even though you were not born there?
For the past eight summers we as a family have visited such a place.

Best show I have ever seen!

way by Rainy River's Canada Day fireworks display this year!
I have seen and photographed many many years of fireworks shows and it is my opinion that this year's was the best ever!

30 years of hot graduations

Last Wednesday I found myself remembering the class of 1985's graduation.
It was 30 years ago (wow time flies!).

A great Father's Day!

Father's Day this year was an extra special one for me!
I began my day by calling my dad, Irwin Johnston, who is now residing at the Long Term Care facility in Rainy River.


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