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Ken's Korner

Fighting a bad case of camper fever!

I was warm. Then the thought came to my mind.... I should get the camper out of winter storage!

45 degrees is sub-tropical! on Spring!
We as a species are so funny when it comes to the season temperature changes.

20 years of grease gone in seconds!

Have you ever used a product and were completely blown away by it?
Well on Saturday I did just that. It is called TSP-PF.

Remembering, one dollar at a time!

Sunday my fiancee and I attended a wake/memorial service for a friend of ours that passed away recently.

Weather memories are short

Tuesday morning I heard the local radio announcer complaining about how cold it is, how cold it's going to be and how he is sick of it.
People's memories are short when it comes to the weather.

Nurse Ken on duty!

They say everyone needs a vacation... but a sudden unplanned vacation was not what I was hoping for on my next big break from work!

Thanks for all your support!

Saturday was yet another amazing day in Rainy River. More that 120 people came out and supported a charity at the Linda Johnston Memorial Alzheimer supper.

Off task again!

Have you ever intended to start a certain project and ended up doing a completely different one?

I use "Camping Therapy!"

Do you use therapy to deal with issues in your life? Well I do... but the therapy I use is not prescribed by a doctor.
I use a self created process I have called "Camping Therapy!"

Great lines from Christmas songs

Last Thursday evening I turned on the Yule Log channel and listened to Christmas music while I cleaned my house. There are so many great Christmas songs...


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