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Each of us has the gift to give, so do your part and read to others

Imagine what life would be like if we could not read or write?

Station could be a great

Should the town hall be moved? or shouldn’t it?

Look and listen twice for those amazing winged creatures

Perhaps Boxing Day should be renamed

Trying to find that the spirit of the season!

While Christmas is only two days away, I am finding that it just doesn’t seem like the Christmas season yet.

Happy Holidays from my little corner of the Earth (105 3rd St., Rainy River)!

Christmas...A Time For Giving

The day the radio went silent

The great Walmart debate arrives

Ken Johnston

The great Walmart debate has arrived in the Rainy River area.
From the consumer’s point of view Walmart sounds like a dream come true.

Help is needed more than fines

Over the weekend I learned that my 49 year old Aunt Susie is quitting smoking. That very same day I learned my 14 year old niece has started smoking.

Can’t we just find peace?

I think that war with Iraq is going to be inevitable.


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