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Forever remembered

Can you imagine sacrificing your life to save a loved one?

Halloween treats please!

Thursday was Halloween and again this year my Mom put on a show that tickled many kid’s funny bones and frightened many others.

We will miss you Dan

Last week we lost a truly good citizen.

Our letters policy and liable

by Ken Johnston

It seems that Mr. Mike Baranowski of Nestor Falls has taken to personally judging the editorial policies of the Record, the Fort Frances Times and the Westend Weekly. He took a swipe at the Record and Times last week in a letter that he wrote and had published in the Weekly.

Globeco could solve First Nations housing crisis

Ken Johnston

Recently one of our readers brought in an article about a company in Manitoba manufacturing prefab housing for First Nations Communities in that province.

Chip’s tomato legacy

Last year I did battle with a little fella who I called Chip from Disney’s Chip and Dale fame.

Decorating season arrives!

I had a bit of a ghostly dilemma over the weekend.

Yet another great show!

While most people were catching a great time at the fourth annual RRWT I managed to come down with a really bad cold.

Squabbling over tournies could spell doom for them

The squabbling over fishing tournaments that has arisen in the Fort Frances area could very well spell the beginning of the end for they types of tournaments as we know them.

Reaffirm your resolve to defend our freedom

Tomorrow will mark the first anniversary of date that I am sure none of us will forget for a very long time.


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