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Holidays are almost upon us!

Are you ready for the holidays?
If not you better get cracking!

Christmas lights just don't last

I have come to the conclusion that Christmas lights should be billed as good for only one season.

Layer up, layer down...

Layer up, layer down....
The season of getting multiple layers of clothing on before venturing out is here.

Form our own province, manage OUR resources

Why is it that we as Northwestern Ontario residents can see things clearly when it comes to what is good for us and Southern Ontario can't?

Make Remembrance Day a holiday for all

While our weekly on line poll is not all that scientific, I think this week's numbers speak volumes about how Canadians are feeling these days.

Halloween is not just for kids!

Who said Halloween is just for kids?

Extremists need to be stopped

As I listened to the radio and later watched on television, I found myself asking, "Why must people kill other people?"

Discuss the issues before voting

One week from today many towns will have some new people holding elected offices in their communities.

Illnesses stealing the headlines

Has the news got you worried about getting really sick lately?
Two major illnesses have been in the news with Ebola trumping the headlines for the most part.

What would we do without volunteers?

What would we all do without volunteers?
The past two weekends I have attended two volunteer driven activities; the Rainy River Walleye Tournament and the Rainy River Giant Pumpkin Festival.


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