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Ken's Korner

Ken's Korner: Praying for a Super El Nino!

Do you long for a stretch of rain free and warm or even hot days?
Well if you do, I am with you!

Ken's Korner: Lousy weather keeps ruining our fun

We certainly have had a rough year when it comes to the weather.

Ken's Korner: Little tooth, big pain!

Have you ever tried to function when you are in intense pain?
Well over the weekend I found myself in just that a predicament.

We need better permanent flood protection

It seems we have come to a bridge we have reached before, but have yet to cross it.
For the fourth time in 17 years the Town of Rainy River has been threatened by floodwaters.

Launch of the NEW digital Record

We did it!
We produced a printed edition and our very first digital edition that both look virtually the same!
What this has done has given all of our readers virtually the same experience.

Felt like I was in a giant mosquito movie

Finally the weather broke and our first camping trip of the season arrived this past weekend!
We were excited to get out and enjoy Mother Nature and all her splendor.

What a difference a day makes!

What a difference a day can make at this time of the year!

Injured by some egg yolk!

Over the weekend I was injured by an egg yolk.

The Mad Spring Scramble

Did you do the Mad Spring Scramble over the weekend?

We will miss Al Lowe

I was deeply saddened to learn of the passing of one of our long time columnists this week.


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