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Letters to The Editor

Is there interest in the community to do a Relay for Life?

Letter to the Editor:

Rob has so many valid points

Letter to the editor,

What a delight to see the flowers!

Letter to the editor,
What a delight it is to see the beautiful flower baskets hanging on Main Street and on the highway! Also the planters and flower beds around the town.

I was offering constructive criticism

Letter to the editor,

Bird watching market had potential

Letter to the Editor,
Perhaps I can shed a little light on the bird situation in answer to Rob’s queries about the “bird issue.”

Instead of complaining, get involved

Dear Mr Editor

Is birdwatching all we have to offer?

Letter to the editor,
I was just all that Rainy River has to offer is birdwatching?
I noticed the new signs last week, and read this weeks article in the Record.

Rainy River knows how to throw a party!

Letter to the editor,
Once again the little Town of Rainy River showed the District how to throw a party!

A step backwards for Rainy River

Letter to the editor,

Clarifying Fees

Dear Editor:


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