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Letters to The Editor

I agree with Mr. Cooper on business taxes

Letter to the editor,

In response to Rob Cooper’s letter about high taxes.

Upset over flag policy

Letter to the Editor,

It makes sense to lower the business taxes

Letter to the editor,

To the town’s people of Rainy River.
Here are my numbers starting from 2005 when I did not own The Road Runner Motel.

Empty promises from the NDP for NWO

Letter to the Editor,

It takes a certain amount of money to run the town

Letter to the Editor,

I am responding to Rob Cooper’s latest “Letter to the Editor”.

Our compliments to Frank Advent

Letter to the Editor,
Just the other week there was a notice in the paper re, renewing the contract for garbage pick up.

I agree, business taxes are to high in RR

Letter to the Editor
Hurray! Thank you, Rob Cooper for your letter.

Business owner on his taxes in RR

Letter to the Editor,

Rainy River has some of the highest taxes

Letter to the Editor,

RR Commercial taxes too high

Here is a letter I just sent to Howard Hampton....where does the gouging end?

Dear Mr. Hampton,


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