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Letters to The Editor

We will not bring back the long gun registry

To the Editor:
“We have no intention of bringing back a gun registry.”

Incident should be a warning to us all

Letter to the editor,

Enough of global warming blarney

Letter to the Editor,

I am concerned about rail safety

Dear Editor:

Not pleased with US busing arrangement

Letter to the Editor,
Re: All passengers must board bus in USA if bound for Canada

Very impressed with Riverview Manor

Letter to the Editor,

Something needs to be done about cell service in Morson area

Letter to the Editor,

Please fix the rail crossing

Letter to the Editor,
The railroad tracks across Hwy 600 west of the town of Rainy River are badly in need of repairs.
I am afraid somebody will get hurt or killed os something isn’t done soon.

Grateful for efforts during flood

Dear Editor,
We would like to express our Heartfelt gratitude to the Woodside/Pineview Mennonite Church, all the volunteers, the Town of Rainy River Employees, especially the Public Works guys...

Not happy with skatepark location

Letter to the Editor,


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