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Letters to The Editor

Good job players, coaches and fans!

Letter to the editor

Stratton gas station owner asks for help with border gasolin price disparity

Letter to Editor:
I sent the following letter to the Canadian Federation of Independent Business on April 9th, 2008.

Dear CFIB:

Is Mr. Armstrong ill?

Letter to the Editor:
In response to last week’s letter by Glen Armstrong
Is Mr. Armstrong ill or something? I sincerely hope he gets well soon!

Disgusted with past councils

Letter to the Editor:

In my opinion,"Irresponsible..."

Letter to th Editor:
Re: your editorial “At what Cost?"
In my opinion your assessment reflects a lack of legal knowledge of what is involved in a settlement of this nature.

Headline shows your incompetence

Dear Editor:

A total ban

Dear Editor,

Proud to live in Canada

Letter to the Editor,

Pleased with story

Letter to the editor,
First, my name is Tanis Hohne (Croxford) and Ken Kolesar was my Great-Uncle. My mother was the “sister Florence” of which Josh Wilson wrote of in the article.

Yet another dog attack: something needs to be done

Letter to the Editor:
Beware all you little doggies.
There is a big mean brute of a dog out there.


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