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Letters to The Editor

Be sure to thank your library volunteers

Dear Editor,

If you truly care then be there

Letter to the Editor:

Get ready to do it all again in 2008!

Letter to the Editor,

Missing RR but hope to return!

Letters to the editor
After having been gone from Rainy River for a year and a half, I still yearn for this beautiful little community.

The North will be less represented in new system

Dear Editor;

Here is some info. on the Clearwaters

Dear Editor,
I am writing regarding the photo of the plaque in last week’s paper searching for descendants of the Clearwaters.

Stuttering is not a thing to joke about

Dear Editor,
Do you know any people who have a Stuttering problem?

I am very proud to live in Rainy River

Dear Editor,
About a month ago I had the privilege of finding out how supportive the business people are in this small town.

Bars be aware of your responsibility

Letter to the editor,
On Sept. 18, 2004 Lake of the Woods claimed the life of Jimmy Olson, after he and three friends spent the day fishing and drinking, ending up at a lodge just after 4 p.m.

Rethink who you are chastising

Letter to the editor,
It came as no surprise that the CN raffle/BBQ was cancelled. I’m saddened that it has been though.


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