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Letters to The Editor

The government needs to listen to farmers

We stand at the beginning of another new year. As every farmer knows, next year is always a good time. It is a time of perfect weather and bumper crops, high commodity prices and good markets.

25% of Canadians feel legal limit should be lower

The Road Safety Monitors comprehensive Drinking and Driving report released on December 12 by the Traffic Injury Research Foundation revealed, among other things, the following:

West Nile devastates owl retreat

In reference your column on Birding, I believe that the bird should be called a mourning Dove, not morning. Also, it might be interesting to note that one of the most numerous species of birds in the USA are the Mourning Doves.

In support of Dr. Sarsfield

I hope other Northwestern municipalities will not join the Township of Alberton’s irresponsible call for the dismissal of Northwestern Medical Officer of Health Dr. Pete Sarsfield because he is using his authority to regulate second-hand smoke exposure.

Lead poisoning a real problem in area lakes

As editors you have the power of influence

MNR regs. did not apply to Emo Walleye Tourney

Division and Mistrust in education

Searching for members of the West family

Awe-inspiring concert


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