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Letters to The Editor

Gun registry should be rescinded

Terror isn’t found only in countries where extremists groups operate, increasingly Canadians are terrified of gun battles taking place on the streets of our cities.

Snowdusters salute land owners

With so much private property in our area, our snowmobile clubs count on the generosity of so many landowners.

Thanks for the space

Looking for info. on Rudolf Pe(a)rson

Might any of your readers have recollection of my father ALBERT HERMAN PEARSON, who may have immigrated to your area from Sweden as AGNAR HERMAN PERSSON in 1929.

Why isn’t there heat for the seniors?

We, the Seniors Card Club would like to complain to the Town of Rainy River regarding that we have no heat in our club room in the old CN Station.

Are there any of us still around?

I am originally from the Rainy River area.I lived with my grandparents,William and Sadie Costello.

Sad to see such poor turnout at Legion Ladies Poppy Tea

I would appreciate the opportunity through your paper to scold the good people of the Rainy River District.

Sniper proves tighter gun controls are needed in the United States

Those horrible sniper shootings in the United States that killed 10 people and critically injured three others, in the process throwing the Greater Washington DC area into turmoil and fear, will renew calls for greater gun control in the United States.

Letters should be printed as submitted

Mike Baranowski
Nestor Falls, Ontario

Letter to the Editor
Are we reading what is written by concerned writer’s submission to the “Letter to the Editor”? We certainly are not!

This is Foster Family Week

Arlette Carrier
Manager of Children’s Services
Family and Children’s Services of the
District of Rainy River

Dear Editor
October 20-26, 2002 has been designated as Canadian Foster Family Week. This distinction does not come without a great deal of hard work and dedication.


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