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Letters to The Editor

There is a roadside test for pot

I am surprised that people still use this excuse when a widely used test is already available.

In favour of legalizing pot

In response to Jack Davies 9/10 letter titled “NO CONTROLS FOR POT”, I would like to respond to his concerns. First let me agree with him that I do believe that 16 is too young to have unfettered access to Marijuana.

Ambush nothing to be proud of

Regarding the Big Bear Being Shot story. What a hero. Nothing like sitting by a bait station where the smell draws some poor lumbering bear in so close you could almost hit it with a stick.

Live bait is very damaging to Walleye Fishery

The controversial added tournament on Rainy Lake by Dennys 30 Rainy Lake Invitational has hit home, as it is the third tournament on the lake on this given year, and you can say three more Walleye Tournaments on the Rainy River at the town of Rainy River, Emo and the mini tournament at Stratton of less magnitude to possible dead fish release as fish are kept for their own personal consumption.

Roadside test for marijuana use needed

Canadians are being asked to pass judgement on the Senate Committee’s recommendations to legalize marijuana without full consideration being given to the fact that there are no known “roadside” tests that law enforcement officers can use at the present time to determine whether a driver is handicapped by this substance as is the case with alcohol.

Give some people a little power, it goes right to their head!

I see that the Northwestern Health Unit is still running around trying to bully the local governments into passing By Laws to stop smoking.

Ms. Barclay’s letter was misleading and full of inaccurate information

Susan Barclay’s recent July 30th letter to your paper misleads your readers with inaccurate information regarding the proposed First Nations Governance legislation.

Prime Minister should have commented on Joe Clarke’s resignation

Kaliska photo brought back memories

The First Nations Governance Act is bad legislation

On June 14, the Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development, Robert Nault, introduced in parliament his “First Nations Governance Act”.


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