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Letters to The Editor

Volunteers deserve a pat on the back!

A few weeks ago, the Rec Board was approached by the Carpenter, Murray, & Wiersema families who offered to supply the paint and manpower to paint the upstairs of the community center.

Bill C15B should interest livestock producers

A Bill now being debated before the House of Commons in Ottawa should be of serious concern to all livestock producers, hunters, anglers, trappers, and anyone who has in the past or will in the future benefit from modern medicine.

Keeping up on things back home

I’m not sure how long your web site has been up and running but I found it today and really enjoy it.

Kyoto Protocol is a mistake

My name is Bob Mills. I am the Opposition Senior Environment Critic and I felt I must take this opportunity to contact you.

Smoking bylaw debate continues

I would like to take this opportunity to recognize the members of the Rainy River Heart Health Coalition for their hard work. These volunteers have found themselves at the front line of the smoke-free bylaw issue in their community.

Americans care little our discomfort

It’s mid-term election year in the ‘States. A third of the Senate seats and the entire House of Representatives are up for grabs and politically little else matters.

Free trade agreement is a sham

I’m railing like a lot of other Canadians against the U.S. actions on softwood lumber. But what are we going to do about it?

Can’t we have Hwy. 621 fixed?

I am writing to you today to address a long standing issue that the people that live on HWY. 621 must live with, I am wondering why we canít get our roads repaired.

Cheer for your neighbour!

Last night as I pulled into a snow-covered hotel parking lot to rest after another business trip in Northwestern Ontario, I was reminded of the tenacity and will of Northerners.

Hampton grills government over skyrocketing truck insurance rates

Six months ago I wrote to you regarding this serious issue. Pulp truck owners across the province are seeing their insurance rates skyrocket.


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