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Letters to The Editor

Saw Lowes trailer on Arizona T.V.

Dear Editor

Hi from Sunny Arizona. Just a quick note to say hi and let you know we saw Lowes Lumber’s trailer going through the ice on national TV. here in AZ.

Impressed with the professinalism

Dear Editor

Last Monday evening we attended the gala event at the Rainy River Rec. Centre, to meet the New Year with friends and family. To say it bluntly, I was overwhelmed with the professionalism, class and warmth that consumed our evening.

We have faced big challenges in 2001

The year 2001 is drawing to a close and I can say with certainty it is a year that will stick in the memory of Canadian agricultural producers.

Safety Council’s views on lowering legal blood/alc. level

Dear MADD:I acknowledge receipt of your letter of December 6 written in response to CSC’s letter of December 4 to the Honourable Ann McLellan, Federal Minster of Justice, in which we expressed our concern that the Canadian Medical Association has joined MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) in demanding that the federal government drop the legal BAC to .05 from the current limit of .08, as an additional means to reduce the incidents of impaired driving.

You would take the same position we did

Dear Editor,

I would like to correct the errors that appeared in the December 18th edition of the Rainy River Record in the article 'MPP's clash over legislation'.

Your efforts do not go unnoticed

I would like to publicly express my appreciation for the extensive coverage and the beautiful photographs you included of the Rainy River Choir members during tour recent performance of Handel’s Messiah and the rehearsals which led up to this glorious event.

Photo sparks history lesson

I seen your way back when picture of the saw mill that had been moved from Trott's in Gameland and thought that I would add to it.

Knights of Columbus deserve pat on the back

On behalf of The Arthritis Society, I would like to express my gratitude to the dedicated men and women of the Knights of Columbus Council in Rainy River, for their unwavering support during our Door to Door Canvass.

Rainy River should be very proud of Riverview students

On November 24th, I had the privilege of watching Riverview’s volleyball teams play at the Grade 8 Regional Tournament held at FFHS.

United Church condemns racist actions

At the fall meeting of Cambrian Presbytery, in the United Church of Canada, concerns were expressed about the escalating violence directed against people of different racial, ethnic, religious, or linguistic groups.


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