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Letters to The Editor

Where is the Stratton history book?

Dear Editor,

What has she done?

Dear Editor,

Many people working hard on doctor situation

Dear Mr Editor
Ms. Macmillan’s recent letter complaining about the state of affairs in Rainy River cries for a response.

Puzzled about several things in Rainy River

Dear Editor,
I am puzzled at why several things have happened in our town the way they have.

Manitoba author writes about his time in Emo

Dear Editor

I just read a recently published book, They Shoot Doctors, Don’t They? A Memoir by Dr. Jack Fainman with Roland Penner, former Attorney General of Manitoba.

Grand Theater raising money for digital projector

To the Editor,

Upset with hunters

Letter to the Editor:

Ignoring the evidence

Dear Editor,

Looking for information on my scandalous grandfather

Letter to the Editor,

Riverside Board not cooperative

Dear Editor:


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