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Group to stop hosting Willie Walleye Day

To the Editor,
The Lake of the Woods Women of Today would like to thank all of the people who participated in our recent Willie Walleye Day Celebration. We had an outstanding group of vendors, and offered our young people fun, wholesome activities in downtown Baudette throughout the day.
Hosting Willie Walleye Day has been an honour and privilege for our organization, and planning for the event is one of the highlights of our year. We have purposely focused our attention on making our event as family friendly as possible.
Because of this focus, we also understand there is some confusion in the community about why we have decided, as a group, not to host a beer garden with our events. The simple reason is that when the City of Baudette tightened its restrictions on public drinking, the Women of Today felt the best way to support their efforts was to deliberately turn our attention toward a non-alcoholic event. While this has not been as financially profitable, we felt it was more in tune with our local WT ideology of working to make our community a truly great place to live.
Since we closely monitor the success of our events, and analyze what changes need to be made for the future, our chapter has decided to stop hosting the annual Willie Walleye Day, and instead, turn our attention and efforts toward more events for our community’s youth. Without having to expend our efforts at a specific site, we feel we can best offer quality children’s events at places such as Timber Mill Community Park or Zippel Bay State Park.
We are excited about the prospects of hosting more events for kids, and look forward to your support and attendance. Be watching our local newspapers for upcoming events sponsored by the Lake of the Woods Women of Today.
–Lake of the Woods Women of Today Executive Board
Sariina Kalli, Janice Nelson, Stacy Novak and Dani Birkeland