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Cupcake angels among us!

Dear Editor,
I wanted to share with the people of Rainy River what some of our children from Riverview School are spending their summer holidays doing?
Yesterday, Wednesday, August 18th, I was just leaving the hospital from visiting my mom who is very ill when I ran into Taytum and Christopher Stone, Jasmine, Brayden and Belle Holmes and Aubrey McQuaker.
Mom, Sonya was helping them bake and deliver cupcakes for the sick and elderly in the hospital, I received a huge hug from them and they told me that they spent the day baking so they could bring everyone in the hospital cupcakes.
They asked if I could bring them to see my mom to give her one. My mom, who is extremely ill and not able to talk very well, brightened up with their visit and their kindness. I have to say that I was so incredibly proud of these children for their thoughtfulness.
They deserve a great big resounding thank you for being such wonderful and caring members of our community.
Thank you so much Taytum, Christopher, Jasmine, Brayden, Belle and Aubrey!
-Sheila Hanson