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Thanks for the good laugh!

Letter to the Editor,
I have not read the Rainy River Record in ages but I am glad I did this week.
I read your October 19th column and had my laugh of the day. If I had read the original story, I would have picked up the typo right away. So I had to test the theory out (strange how the mind works) and asked Ross Tuesday, my boyfriend, to read it. I told him to read it because he thought I was going crazy when I burst out laughing so hard.
So he read it and then says, “What?”
“You don’t see anything?” I said. “No.” he replied.
I asked him to reread it and he still didn’t see it.
I had to point it out to him, “Public input sought...”it read “Pubic input sought. Too sweet - still laughing about it.
I asked him, “Now how would that be if they were actually looking for Pubic Input. (Yuk Yuk) and imagine 500 dead people standing up and applauding. What a scream!
The only reason why I purchased the Rainy River Record was to show Ross the headline about the “Naked man apprehended at the border.” I wanted to show a friend who had recently been searched the headline.
I think you do a good job with the paper and you’re right that nobody is perfect but when we make mistakes - have a good laugh.
Good to laugh hard at least once a day. Maybe I’ll become an avid reader of the Record, now. Anyway, take care.
-Lena Archie