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Beware of scam

Dear Editor,
Could you please let people know about this scam and that we DO NOT DO cold calls asking for donations.
Thank you
Rebecca Tolen
RR KidSport

Good Morning all,
The KidSport Iroquois Falls Chapter has just informed us that their community has been receiving cold call KidSport donation requests. Apparently an individual has been calling residents in the Iroquois Falls community and requesting donations on behalf of the local KidSport Chapter. Thankfully it was brought to the chapter’s attention because the perpetrator had a thick accent and difficulty pronouncing the town’s name, making the resident suspicious. The request was for $240 “to help local kids play sports in Iroquois Falls.” The police are investigating the situation at the moment.
There is a very real possibility that this could be happening in other communities across the province so please be vigilant.
Where possible (websites, newsletters, Facebook & twitter), I would promote that any donations should be made directly to the KidSport Chapter and that KidSport does not fund raise through cold calls.
If you are aware of any similar instances in your communities where funds have been solicited through cold calls on behalf of KidSport please contact the provincial office and provide details.

David Carr-Harris
Program Coordinator
KidSportTM Ontario