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Stratton hasn't faded away

Letter to the Editor,
I must take exception with a comment you made in your “Ken’s Korner” column of February 1, 2011. You stated that Stratton has faded away. I am in absolute disagreement with that statement and as evidence to support my position, I offer the following list of some businesses, services, amenities, etc. that operate in the Township of Morley: a café, a service station, a heavy equipment dealer, a building contractor, an electrical contractor. a truck and heavy equipment repair shop, a truck and heavy equipment repair and welding shop, a general store with feed and farm supplies, a road and bridge construction company, several gravel dealers, a tank pumping business, numerous logging businesses, numerous pulpwood haulers, numerous equipment owners/operators, numerous independent school bus operators, numerous farming operations, a cattle dealer, a design and promotional supply business, hair dressing businesses, two schools, a post office with rural route service, a best start hub, a drop-in centre for seniors, a 10 unit housing complex, a community playground, a curling rink, an outdoor skating rink, a community hall, a riverside park, two fire halls, a municipal office with a community meeting room and a municipal garage.
There are many people who have believed in or currently believe in the Township of Morley and Stratton as a community. These people have worked hard to make sure that the community does not fade away.
Gary Gamsby