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Morson has all time high number of species!

Dear Ken,
How I miss your little newspaper.
We have been over in Stockholm Sweden the past four plus years, with only brief trips across the pond.
The newspapers over here are in Swedish, hows that for a surprise, and dont just have the Rainy River feel. Anyhow I hope you are doing great and thought I would send you a short note on the two bird counts.
Morson had 24 species, which set an all time high since I have been doing them since 1982 and Gameland-Rainy was right behind at 23!
I believe Morson had the 8th highest count in all of North America on Pine Grosebeaks. The complete results are in current years count on the Christmas Bird Count web site.
I hope you are well and hope to cross paths with you one of these years. Best of luck with your great paper! –Sincerely,
–Mark Johnson