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Annoyed by campaign callers

Letter to the Editor,
With the pending election there are no shortages of campaign workers contacting us at home. On April 4, 2011 I was contacted by a campaign employee representing Mr. John Rafferty. This call was annoying to begin with, coming during dinner at 6:10 p.m. and the caller arguing with me when I stated “I am not a supporter and do not discuss business such as this over the telephone”. He replied firmly and loudly that I am a supporter otherwise my name would not appear on the list.

But what really bothered me was after hanging up and reviewing the caller ID, I noticed the call originated from the Toronto 416 area code. Now Mr. Rafferty I ask you could you not have found individuals in your own riding – the Thunder Bay - Rainy River riding – to work for your campaign? You claim you are doing everything to bring jobs to your riding but still hire individuals (or worse possibly an entire service firm) in Toronto to assist in your campaign. I find this contradictory to your claims and request that you start supporting the riding you claim to so proudly represent.
Melanie Mathieson
Thunder Bay