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Column stirs up small town memories

Dear Ken,
Your ‘Ken’s Korner’ initiated a flurry of small town memories similar to those from the Facebook. We lived on our bicycles! I loved the term ‘free-range’ identifies exactly how kids were allowed to experience the life of hard-knocks-and-bandages. The real-life video game consisted of scrub (or pickup) baseball, swimming, kick-the-can, drinking from a hose, climbing trees, fishing off the dock, sailing ‘boats’ down the spring ditches, shoot-em-up-games with cap guns, winter sliding on cardboard pieces, and pick-up hockey. The list is endless.
Small-town folks do not (perhaps) appreciate their good fortune. Here in the cities the media mantra, regurgitated from various exercise gurus, is: “Children are not getting enough exercise.” OF COURSE NOT! Children are stuck in apartments or condos playing video games, watching TV, playing/conversing on computers, etc. If they do go out, it is usually for a short time in organized expensive sports. Road hockey is stifled!
Most beautiful well-equipped parks are basically empty. Due to our inept justice system, predators are allowed out on bail and are free to roam city parks where parents accompany - guard if you will - their children.
Yes, your small-town memories certainly elicit long-forgotten events, and contrast sharply with big city reality. Rainy River: Savour your precious treasures, benefits and opportunities.

Graham Ducker