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Maybe we should take electronics away for a day and just enjoy each other!

Letter to the Editor,
After reading Mr. Duckers letter, and your earlier letters, so many memories came flooding back of Rainy River.
My childhood memories are of learning to swim in the river, with no lifeguard, and when I could make it from the little dock to the government dock without help, that’s when I was allowed to swim off it.
Baseball in our back yard, the girls against the boy’s with Mom’s flower beds as the bases, playing outside with the kids from the (north side of the track) till it got dark,and there was always tons of kid at our house.
In the fall my Dad would build a fire by the garden and we would cook potatoes on the hot coals.Dad building a skating rink on our back garden, with all the neighbors kids coming over to skate, Mom’s entry was a sea of boots and skates!!
I think what Mr. Ducker said is so true. Our children are not enjoying the great outdoors like we did, because attached to each child is a computer game or phone and (texting) of some kind.They have put DVD players in back seats so children will behave as Mom drives, we used to sing, and play “I spy” or have a well deserved nap in the car.
I loved growing up in Rainy River. My childhood friends, the parades, the stores, Saturday Matinees, Mrs Ozie and her 5 cent bag of candy.
Maybe we should take the electronic toys away for a day and enjoy each other.
Wouldn’t it be fun to read of other peoples memories of our Small Town.
Thanks for the trip down memory lane
–Donna Meunier Moen