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"Lets...get behind Rainy River House and make it a reality!"

Letter to the Editor,
Regarding the Rainy River House Locum project, I think it is important that some misconceptions about this project that have been making the gossip circuit and have been reinforced by some negative media reports be clarified.
Your tag line ‘Price tag more than doubles’ without an effective explanation of what the current vision of the overall project is, plus concentrating on the remarks of only two somewhat negative comments at the meeting was unfortunate Did the price tag for this project double, as reported? No. Earlier numbers were for a very early plan that has since been found to be simply inadequate..
With conceptual drawings now in hand and a good deal of brainstorming and hard work the Rainy River Health Care Committee have researched projected costs for the total approx 3000 sq ft project (double unit) in the range of $6-700,000. Those are still not firm costs as there are no final designs, blueprints, or tender calls, but it is a quantum leap from the very preliminary discussions about locum housing that took place in early 2010. The projected costs are based upon professional estimates and concur with building costs for Canada as researched on the internet- Google search. Within the next days and weeks there will be more precise design and cost estimates.
Secondly, there has been a dedicated group of representatives from area municipalities, NGOs and volunteers- The Rainy River Health Care Committee- working steadily on fleshing out this project over the winter and into the spring. This is a soundly structured organization with very hard working, responsible individuals with well delineated areas of responsibility. Anyone who is truly interested in learning what has and is happening may look at the Town of Rainy River website at www. and clicking on the Rainy River House link.
The date of the public meeting on April 26 was firmly set April 15 after extensive discussions since last fall and on April 8 of how things should proceed. It was promoted through radio announcements, interviews, and public posters. How is that ‘hastily organized’?
Third. Rainy River House is not being ‘given’ to the Doctors. It is an investment by communities in the west Rainy River District to insure there are decent quality rental housing facilities (not castles with gold plated fixtures and granite counter tops as some irresponsible wags would have you believe). Those facilities would help to attract a) locums b) medical students c) other medical professionals and d) future full time doctors to Rainy River. Without a full-time compliment of medical staff our hospital, clinic, emergency room, and the lives, real estate, and economic activity of our community will almost certainly suffer and collapse.
Mr. Editor we have the current level of medical services in our community because dedicated, positive people- lots of them- worked to make it happen. Let’s stop the stupid gossip, inaccurate stories, put the ‘can’t be donors’ in their place, and get off our collective backsides and get behind Rainy River House. Make it a reality! Now!
–Yours truly
Jack Elliott