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Crime Stoppers is grateful to the media

Dear Editor:
On behalf of Mr. Bruce Martin, Chairperson and all of us at Northwestern Ontario Crime Stoppers, please accept our sincere gratitude for your continued unselfish support of our program. Knowing that it is our media partners who convey our messages each week in order that we can jointly contribute to making our communities and area safe places for everyone to live, work, and play, your contributions are highly valued by us.
As the threat to the safety, peace, and overall quality of life of all of us appears to be on the increase I feel we must collectively do our utmost to build on our partnership and commitment to ensure that good prevails. At this time of the year as we reflect on the year past you can be proud that this partnership, in which you are a integral part, has made a difference and been a positive influence on the quality of life of the citizens of our area, but please realize that in order for this trend to continue, your weekly support is crucial.
In closing, we wish all of our media partners and their families a Safe, Joyous Holiday Season, and a Prosperous New Year.
G.D. (Gary) Potter, Detective Constable
Coordinator - Northwestern Ontario Crime Stoppers Inc.