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Enough is enough

Letter to the Editor,
In response to last week’s letter I would just like to say that nobody missed the point that the girls were trying to make in the previous letter to the editor.
Everyone understands that it is a lot of money, but the hospital is the center of the town and without doing something about attracting doctors, our town will soon crumble.
We are not the only town developing a plan for locum doctors and if we don’t move fast we will be left behind.
I am glad to see current students take an interest in our town, but I believe, enough is enough, and all these negative letters need to stop. Even though this is a small paper to let local citizens voice their opinion, we are not the only people to read these letters. I would be very upset to hear if someone looking to relocate to this beautiful town either locum or a family, searched Rainy River on the internet and came upon these letters of negativity.
The committee and town have worked very hard and have put lots of time in the planning of this project and I believe that this town is on the right track.
Please remember that they are in the early stages of planning and the “$700,000” price tag for a house is a big estimate because with something like this you always need to overestimate. You have to remember that it is not only one house but it is basically two houses.
In addition, buying a local citizen’s house for this type of project is wrong simply because I think that it will just start another storm of unnecessary letters to the editor and/or local talk. We need to start fresh and build it to suit our needs.
As for the comment “did the locums ask for a nice respectable house to stay in,” I think that they do not need to ask because right now small areas are already offering good incentives and if we are known for a great locum house, word of mouth alone spreads fast! The house we have now is fine, but it is located on the highway and beside train tracks and the visitors should get a spot in town that really shows Rainy River at its finest.
Having been a part of many events and fundraisers in this town, I believe that the town and committee members should be very proud of what they have accomplished in such a short period of time. They have done an amazing job and it couldn’t have been done without the support of the town and surrounding area. Not only will we have a great place for professionals to stay in our town while they are here, the town also possesses an asset which we can be proud of.
In closing, I would just like to say great job to everyone who has helped with this project. In regards to the people who show negativity towards how the town is run and what goes on, I would ask you to call the town office and volunteer to be on one of the many committees we have with other local citizens that work to make this town great.
Also I hope that this will be the end of the negativity and continue to make Rainy River a great place to live.
Andrew Hartnell