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Way to go citizens

Letter to the Editor,
Way to go citizens of the west end of Rainy River District! Once again you stood up and supported a project, namely the Rainy River House when needed. As Mayor of Rainy River and Chair of the Committee it felt wonderful to see so many people come to the fundraising dinner and support this very worthwhile cause.
I would like to commend the people and groups who generously donated towards the dinner and silent auction. The people who helped with the clean up were awesome and everyone’s help is greatly appreciated.
From comments I have heard at and after the event, those who attended had a great meal, entertainment and learned first hand from Doctor Singleton how crucial this house will be for the entire District.
If it is any indication, having people from all over the area coming and working together for this event will help make it a reality.
Once again I would like to express my gratitude to the committee and everyone who in any way helped to make the first fundraising event such a success!
–Debbie Ewald,