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Buyer beware!

Dear Editor,
I have received phone calls regarding the June 19th presentation at the Fort Frances regarding a Hypnotist coming to Fort Frances.
I followed up with the lead company, the are called Pro-Production. They have claimed to have the support of the Fort Frances Chamber of Commerce which is not true. They claimed to have previously notified the OPP Detachment Commander of their intentions to be conducting their business in our area, which is not true. The owner called to have been alliated to the local Lion’s Club in the past but there is no affiliation to the Lion’s on this particular event.
When I called the 1877# on the poster the woman I spoke to told me she was working for the Drug Education Alliance and based out of North Bay. This wasn’t true. When I called back the Pro-Production company out of North Bay was who answered the phone. You’ll note that any poster received says Drug Education Alliance - Fort Frances. There is no such thing.
When I finally did reach the Drug Education Alliance out of Chatham, they were aware of the Pro-production Comany and were receiving a commission for each show. But, the DEA were not aware that Pro-Production was putting out a brochure claiming to be the Drug Education Alliance and proud to be presenting the hypnotist. Either way, there is a creditability issue with their messaging.
There is NO affiliation to the Rainy River District Substance Abuse Team, the OPP, the Chamber of Commerce or any our SAPT partners.
The company owner is Vern Presse and he has been advised by me that his messaging is much less than accurate, cannot be verified.
This company is continuing to seek financial support, so public should be aware that this company is not affiliated with any of our local agencies concerning substance abuse prevention or police.
–Anne McCoy