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Why is the US fishing season open

Letter to the editor,
I am writing this letter for all the mad fishing loving residents of Rainy River. Why is it that the residents of Minnesota are able to fish on the same water as the residence of Rainy River a week earlier. I’m sure that the fish are not marked USA only or Canadian only. This is very discriminating and unfair. We are supposed to live in harmony and as one community living so close together, but this clearly shows that our Government does not care about our gaming and fishing rights. Are our limits the same, the slot sizes the same.
It seems very discriminatory when the water way is the same, but the residents are not.
Can some one answer this for me, I have also contacted Robert Nault to see if he has an answer, I don’t think he will but it is worth a shot in the dark. I live in Northwestern Ontario on a lake, I would not stand for having my neighbors on the north shore fish before myself on the south shore. I encourage you to stand up an make a noise about this if it truly makes you mad. Do something about it.
–Regards Rainy River loving person,
Theresa Bousfield