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Clarification of the facts

Dear Editor:
I would like to correct some information in Milt Guba’s article in your paper last week with regards to the Chapple Lighthouse project now under construction.
First, it is not correct that the names of donors will be on the cedar shingles now being placed on the structure. The names will be engraved on plaques, which because of weathering, will not be displayed on the lighthouse. There will however be a bronze plaque at the waterfront with information on where the individual “bricks” can be viewed.
Secondly, this project has absolutely nothing to do with our centennial year, which was in 1999. Plaques will contain names of individuals and also donors, if they are not the same person. “Bricks” are purchased either in a person’s own name or in memory of a loved one. There are no ‘dates of other nature reflecting on Chapple’s Centennial’ as previous articles indicated. In fact there are no dates at all.
So far, we have raised $9,500 toward the building of the lighthouse. We wish to thank all those who have supported this project, either with financial contributions, donated materials or volunteer labor. There is still time to buy a brick if anyone would like to. Contact Kathy Nugent at the Barwick Village Restaurant or Rilla Race.
Rilla Race
Chapple Heritage Committee