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Water rates are too high in Rainy River

Letter to the Editor,
As a retiree here in Rainy River and living on a very very low pension disability. I am not able to afford to purchase food monthy and now rely on the food banks which puts more stress and embarrasment on me not to mention on the food banks.
The recent increases to local water and sewer rates were quite a shock to myself and other people here in Rainy River. Had I known about the meeting in June, I would have along with several others shown up to that meeting in June to state our views.
I have conducted a check up to a 400 mile radius to compare the water/sewer rates with Rainy River’s and have thus found out that we in Rainy River have byfar the highest.
I have in the past gone to our Provincial MPP with regards to the Hydro One rates for this region and got action from Howard Hampton’s office and have received action. But alas they are no help in this matter as this is a Town Matter not Provincial.
I understand that costs of living have gone up and we must go with the times but, to be so far above the surrounding areas in utility charges is ludicrous. With Rainy River trying to draw people and business to live and work here, why would anyone want to live or open a businesss here when utilities are so high. When potenial business/families find out that living in other areas is by far cheaper, why choose Rainy River?
Every day I see more and more homes going up for sale and foreclosures are happening regularly. Local business are either going up for sale or are being closed here in town cause they can’t make it.
Seniors and low income earners are being forced to live below poverty level and many are being forced out of their homes due to the utilities being so high that they can not afford to pay them.
Many of our low income families are finding they cannot survive either and are finding elsewhere to live. With the poverty level on the rise in this community, as in others, something has to be done to stop this now!
We as the public must stand up for our rights before they are gone completely. If something is not done now to stop the increases, Rainy River will be a “ghost town” before you know it!

–Gayla MacMillan,
Rainy River