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We must all do our part to conserve energy


We are in a an energy crisis but yet we continue to stick our heads in the sand.
In the early 1970s the world faced a severe shortage of oil. Last week the world held its breath as 50 million people lost their electricity.
We have continued to develop more and more ways to consume energy, but yet we rarely hear of technological advances to reduce consumption of it.
Many countries, including Canada, have signed onto the Kyoto Accord, promising to reduce greenhouse gases and make the world a more “greener” place to live. But just because we have signed onto it, does not mean we are actually doing anything about it.
All of us, yes even us small potato energy users need to do more to address this issue.
Simple things like turning off the lights in the house when no one is in the room or adjusting the air conditioner thermostat to a few degrees higher will save energy.
The government also needs to step in and force people to do other things to conserve energy. Perhaps they could force us all to buy energy efficient light bulbs.
The onslaught of many fuel efficient and smaller cars in the late 70s and 80s has been replaced in the 90s and the new millennium by gas guzzling SUV’s.
Environmental taxes on air conditioning already exist. Perhaps taxes on the big SUV’s should be applied at the time of purchase or even on license plate renewals. Rebates could be used to encourage people to buy energy efficient autos and household items like bulbs and appliances.
–Until then,