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Kudos to Owl Theatre

Dear Editor
Kudos to Owl Theatre Company on their presentation of Oliver Twist. Most of us have seen this classic before, but never presented quite this way. The choreography was lively and entertaining. The costumes and scenery very colourful. The whole group was obviously having a great time and the audience was well entertained.
Laura Armistead is to be congratulated for inspiring this troupe for their truly impressive effort. It was an educational experience that will stand all the RRHS participants in good stead.
All the actors and behind the scenes members did a great job. Particularly outstanding were Sara Gall’s solo piece as Nancy. Karl Drackert as Fagan- particularly when he lost his beard. And Annagen Wood as Mrs Corney and then The Artful Dodger, what can you say? Only exceptional.
Congratulations Owl Theatre. Looking forward to the next time the curtain goes up.
–Jack & Norma Elliott,
Rainy River